Expeditions Overview

Expeditions plays an essential role in realizing the mission of Summit Public Schools by offering engaging, relevant, and meaningful electives, enrichment opportunities, and experiences to prepare our students for success in college, career, and life.


During Expeditions, you will have the opportunity to...   


new passions


new interests


acquired skills


your physical and emotional health


for your future college and career


at a real-world workplace


as a student and person


Expeditions is an amazingly unique experience provided by Summit Public Schools that is built into your regular school year. For 8 weeks of the academic year -- 20% of your entire school year -- you will take a break from your core courses and immerse yourselves in electives built around a variety of subject areas meant to be engaging, relevant, and life-changing for you.

Though the course catalog may change slightly from year to year based on the availability of quality instructors and demand for particular courses, we primarily offer courses and experiences in the following fields:


Visual, Musical and Performing

ex: Film and Video Production, Introduction to Visual Arts, Choir, Introduction to Improv Comedy


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

ex: Design Engineering, Music Studio Production, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship


College and Career Readiness

ex: College Readiness for 11th Graders, Financial Literacy, Internships


Physical and Emotional Health

ex: Yoga, Health and Wellbeing, Psychology, Human Sexuality and Healthy Relationships, Nutrition and Exercise


ex: Sociology of Law, Restorative Justice, Outdoor Education, Service Learning


In Expeditions, we are most concerned with helping you find and develop your passions and learning how to create a healthy, meaningful, productive life both inside and outside the classroom. As a provider of in-depth, real-world, life-changing experiences, Expeditions is a key part of Summit’s mission to prepare every student for college, career, and life. 

How does Expeditions get me ready for COLLEGE and my future CAREER?

Find, Develop, and Learn How to Apply Your Passions!

From introductory workshops for middle school to internships for seniors, a major goal of the Expeditions Program is for every student to find, explore, and deepen their interests and passions.

Finding passions is not only something that helps make life worth living (though this is a great goal in and of itself); passions also help you become more actively engaged in your learning everywhere because they can help you see a direction you’d like to head.  Those who are happiest generally are able to find what they are intrinsically passionate about, and then find or create careers and ways to make money based around that thing.  We sincerely hope that your exposure to so many different electives, taught almost exclusively by people who are or were professionals in these fields, will help you see new doors that are open to you and paths you had not considered before.

According to Dr. Elmore, an educator who specializes in in developing future leaders, “Finding a role that fits your interests and personality is particularly important when it comes to finding a career you are passionate about.  Persistence and resilience in the face of mixed success are most likely to occur when you have found your passion.”  Well said, Dr. Elmore.

Just like your core class teachers, our teachers are trained to teach you content, cognitive skills, and habits of success that will be transferrable to other areas of your life and are essential for college and career success.  Often, you will take what you have learned and apply it in a real-world setting through your Expeditions experience.

Here are just a few examples:

  • All that math you are learning in Algebra 2?  Use it in a Design Engineer course where you are a making your own product or in Computer Science creating your first video game.

  • That story you wrote in English?  Make it come to life through your Film and Video Production course or expand on it through our Creative Writing Course.

  • Want to learn more about World War II from history class?  Sign up for the In-Depth Study of the Holocaust course and speak with a survivor or Psychology to understand how the human mind works.

  • Interested in learning more about politics or perhaps physics? Apply for an internship with a state senator or a cutting-edge engineering firm and work alongside adults who share your interests to see how it really gets done.

Expeditions is a time for you to put to practice the skills you are learning during your core classes in authentic ways, which will give you a leg up in college and help you in your future career.

How does Expeditions get me ready for LIFE?

Expeditions is here to help you with those relevant life things that aren’t always taught in traditional classrooms.

There is a lot more to being successful and happy in life than a traditional education (though of course, this is incredibly important as well.)  Through Expeditions, we seek to teach students content and skills that will help them not be just better students, but better and happier people.  Many of our classes are built around practical skills that you can begin using right now, such as how to make a budget, create a great college essay, be less stressed, create healthy and loving relationships, and so on.  Other courses focus on self-exploration through creative writing or help you find life-long passions in things like music and arts. Whether or not they influence your future career, developing interests and skills while expanding your self-awareness can lead to eye-opening experiences and a more interesting and satisfying life!


Expeditions happens in 2-week sessions on a rotating basis at your school site throughout the academic year. The hours of school are the same as your normal start and end times. To figure out when Expeditions is at your school site, determine the color of your school site on the calendar key below.


Because we teach such a variety of content, the how of what we teach is hard to generalize.  During Expeditions, you may find yourself behind a film camera, on a yoga map, listening to a guest speaker, taking notes in a rigorous elective class,  doing an Internship, completing a service project, or performing on a stage.  Despite our different content, all of our Expeditions strive to meet three criteria:

  1. Are actively engaged in learning throughout your Expedition experience.
  2. Believe in the relevance of what you are doing to your current or future lives.
  3. Make public and share what you have learned and work you have done outside of Expeditions.


With few exceptions, instruction of Expedition courses will be on your students regular school site. While there are particular experiences that will require students to be in a different location (a music recording studio, a museum, or a college campus), students and families who sign-up for these courses will be notified specifically about these trips and alternate locations in advance so they can arrange accordingly.

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  • All Summit Public School students take 8-weeks of Expeditions every year!
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