Summit Prep

Hello Summit students!

Below, please find the list of Expeditions that will be offered at your school site this year. Though there may be exceptions, the vast majority of students will have a schedule like the one listed below. We are very excited to work with you all! You will be submitting your course preferences soon.

Please click here for 2015-2016 Summit Prep Expeditions Course Catalog!

Stay tuned for our updated schedule for Exhibition Night 2015-2016!

Save the Date: Summit Prep Expeditions Exhibition Night 2014-2015

Hello families and friends!  The Expeditions Team and your student is incredibly excited to show off the work they are doing in their Expedition courses.  Please do your absolute best to save the date below which corresponds to your child’s class to see the amazing work they are doing in their courses.


Thursday, May 28

Friday, May 29

Monday, June 1




6:30pm-7:30pm OR 7:45-8:45





Summit Prep

890 Broadway Street

Redwood City, CA 94063


Riekes Center

3455 Edison Way

Menlo Park, CA 94025

(1 mile away from Summit)



Dragon Theater

2120 Broadway

Redwood City, CA 94063

(1 mile away from Summit)



Presentations and exhibitions this evening…





Visual Arts

AP Studio Art: Drawing

Creative Writing

Film and Video Production

Healthy Mind, Body, You

Engineering and Design Thinking

Fashion: Then, Now, Future

Computer Science

College Readiness


Human Sexuality

Young Dreamer Network

Sociology of Law

Holocaust: An In-Depth Study

Internship Presentations

Independent Study Presentations



Rock Ensemble

Hip Hop


Intro to Dramatic Arts (Ms. Fernandez)